Pocket Express Europe

Pocket Express Europe 5.0

One-click access to news and information


  • Provides fast access to news and information
  • 24-hour tech support
  • Powerful flight searcher


  • Only gathers news from a limited range of sources

Very good

Personally, I tend not to browse the Web too much on my phone. I find it takes a bit too long to check all the various news sites and information services on the device - time which I don't normally have when I'm on the move.

As a result, I was very interested to try out Pocket Express Europe, an app which assimilates all the latest European news and information in one place. All of the information is available easily through the program's ultra-simple main menu. You simply click on one of the nine icons to take you directly to that kind of information (News, Sports, Weather, Stocks, Entertainment, Travel, Horoscopes and access to 24-hour tech support). There's also a 'Store' section, where you can get details about other Handmark products.

The 'News' section in Pocket Express Europe is very well presented, offering you a rundown of the top ten stories in the 'Top Stories' section, each with a headline and a thumbnail image. You just click on one of these headlines to open it up and read it. Underneath this you can access country-specific news from the country's main news provider. You'll also find sections for certain categories of news, such as politics, science, or health. It's worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of these news stories comes from just one or two news providers, so it's by no means a comprehensive and balanced representation of the top stories. That said, it's great to finally see a European edition of Pocket Express, with localized content in eight languages (French, English UK, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Swedish, Finnish, and Italian). The only annoying aspect of this is that you can only view country-specific news in the language of that country (i.e. you have to switch to German to get the German news).

Besides its news section, Pocket Express has some other very useful functions, which are again available with just a single click from the main menu. For instance, you can check the weather in your current location or anywhere else in the world, with support for adding multiple locations to your weather dock. You can also check out the state of the financial markets via the 'Stocks' section. I particularly like the 'Travel' feature, where you can view routes and schedules for flights across the globe.

The 'Sports' section in Pocket Express Europe offers an excellent way of getting the latest scores and results in the major leagues and tournaments across the continent. I love the fact you can set your favorite football team in order to receive news and alerts specific to that club (although, at present this is only for teams in the top divisions).

On the whole though, Pocket Express Europe presents an exceptionally quick and easy way of filling yourself in on the events of the day.

Pocket Express Europe


Pocket Express Europe 5.0

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